A downloadable game for Android

Swipe to dodge! Swipe to attack! Try not to die!

Fight your way through a horde of strangely-cute undead monstrosities, dodging, hacking, and slashing by swiping in time with their attacks. Change out your weapons and armor, or go bare-chested and bare-fisted because only a WIMP would hide their glorious mane of chest hair from the world, and only a WIMP would rather hit things with a giant hammer than their own bare knuckles! Pulverize zombie rabbits! Annihilate piles of hamsters! Knock that cute little hat off that crow's smug little head!

exeCute is a mobile game, rated T for Teen.


ExeCUTE.zip 34 MB
ExeCuteV3.1.apk 40 MB

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